from my office desk

random thoughts:

just a while ago, I was sitting on a bench outside, soaking in some sunshine generously given to me.

and I realized what I already knew all this while ~

maybe it is a good time to seek within and give love to our body, our organs, tissues, muscles, blood vessels and every beautiful thing that keeps us alive and going.

recently, i have been trying to forgive a person and also myself. Forgiveness is still a very new and fascinating concept for me. although I know that is necessary.

yesterday, while listening to this meditation:

I asked myself- why does my mind occupy thoughts of this guy who I speak to only for 5 minutes during the entire week? It was a pretty profound moment for me. (while not judging myself).

I think that is when my moving on journey actually began.

Who knows

If anyone of you who is reading this and can relate to this situation, we are making it happen together~

Our journey together transcends beyond space and distance.

Recently, I have also been reading about how all of our souls are connected. Maybe more on that later, someday.

I might post something soon next, on my status right now.

For each one of you, I only wish you happiness and bliss

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Love you

I drew inspiration from this YouTube video:

My past is calling but I am not going ❤️

My anxious future is calling but I am not going ❤️

I am being here ❤️

Because past and future are not real…

They only exist in our thoughts!

Everything happens only in the present, Now ❤️


what’s going on

Not holding on to it anymore, letting go of the shackles today

I am exactly where what is best for me

Lots of tears but it finally led me to this light filled moment

And I know it is eternal

not looking into the past

not waiting for the future

listening to the light within

and around

oh lord, I hope this feeling lasts forever

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Somewhere between self respect and selflessness

Somewhere between self respect and selflessness

Somewhere between loving myself, putting myself first and loving others unconditionally

Somewhere between forgiving others, myself and having enough self esteem

.. I Found Balance?……


I am having a good time


  • I woke up early and as soon as I woke up, I meditated. I felt gratitude for the best day of my life even before the day has begun. I am into manifestations, currently
  • Recently, I have been taking pauses in between through my day, taking a deep breath, placing my hands on my chest to feel my heart. I do this to thank my heart and my inner energy for protecting me
  • Making efforts to not feel lack. Trying to be grateful than to feel sad about what I do not have. I am just a newbie to Law of attraction 😛

I wrote this post so it could benefit anyone who is reading it.

If anyone is still reading, tell me how are you ?

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Sleepy at 1:35 am.

Below are some of my good habits. Of course I’m still in the process of working on other habits. but for now, we will focus on the good ones today.

— Reading the book: The secret

— Coloring in my drawing book

—- Meditating (taking deep breaths also)

—- Using app: The secret super app (free)

—- Being in the present moment

—- Observing my thoughts, trying to switch them to positive ones. Saying ”Thank you” more often

— On days when I’m lost, I still say – “I am grateful to be alive”

How are you, beloved?


How are you

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? Let’s talk.

Just listened to a part of this peaceful music titled ‘Tibetan Music that Releases Fears and Attracts Peace | Message of Hope and Freedom’

I am sharing good vibes with you right now , through this post

Take care

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I am loving these YouTube vloggers

I did not know a lot about Youtube, and the youtubers using the platform.

One fine day, my friend and I were hanging out and talking about our life decisions.

As I was planning to start uploading my own videos on Youtube, she told me to watch some youtubers. She is someone who religiously watches a lot of different creators.

So thank you Rucha, I am kind of addicted to Youtube, and I think that is not a bad thing, not as bad as getting addicted to any other social media website.

While some videos have lifted my mood, there are few that have been instrumental to my mental well-being.

Here is the list of Youtubers that I have been enjoy watching:


I stumbled upon Kalyn’s channel randomly, and I am glad I did. Her videos make me feel like someone’s talking to me, and makes me think more about my life too. The best things about her channel is that she is very honest, and shows not only the beautiful, aesthetic aspect of her life, but also the aspect where she takes care of her house, and shares her feelings.

(If you like funny videos that also contain slang words):


I love Shane’s vlogs with this friends. I think they are very funny. What I love the most about watching his channel is that it feels like they are talking directly to me and they are my friends too!


I came across Emma’s channel randomly on YouTube. She is naturally funny and relatable to me. She aspires me to be myself.

If you watch Youtube, tell me what kind of videos you enjoy watching.

And this is my channel. I have posted 10 videos. I have to be honest, I was a little sad when I stopped making them. I did not take that decision. It just happened. I was working a full time job and was extremely passionate about Youtube. Anyway, I am still very happy and proud about it!

Meanwhile, I’ve watched many youtubers and gained inspiration. I feel that when you watching others’ videos, especially vlog channels, you are, in one way, interacting with someone.

During nights when I could not sleep because of anxiety, I did not know who to talk to. I first started watching videos of people that explained anxiety and who experienced it themselves. This helped me feel included, and helped my mind breathe.

Do you watch Youtube? Are you addicted to Youtube? Haha.

Wishing you a great day. Take care of yourself!

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What I am thinking of at 5:36 AM

I had slept at about 10:30 PM last night. I did not waste much time like the evening before by scrolling through Instagram. Last evening.. I do not even remember what I did. I am looking for a new place to move in, and so I was going through options online. Also, I had opened, planning to write a new post. But no, I thought to myself, I can write better when it’s early morning because my mind is clearer than the rest of the day.

It’s now 5:45 AM, and the sun is waiting to rise. And for me, I am writing this post with a couple of yawns, but mostly just being calm, grateful and at peace.

I absolutely love mornings; especially the moment when you wake up, can feel the beautiful silence, and realize how grateful you are to live and and see a different, new day. That’s why I love mornings, and sunrises.

It’s 6:02 am and I can now finally hear some the honking of vehicles on the road outside. But the sun is yet to rise. The lights in my room were switched off, however, I turned them on now and I feel so different. I can now definitely see my keyboard clearly!

I currently value mornings more, because my workplace has rotating shifts. I have a few months to enjoy morning shift until I get to work in the evening shift. And so I am embracing what I have right now.

I have expressed my love for dawn in my previous post titled ‘There is Something Serene about Sunrises’.

It’s 6:09 and I will have to start getting ready at 6:30. I absolutely love getting ready. It’s like I am preparing for a new day, but also living in the moment, and being immersed in doing self care: making bed, tying my pony, singing in the shower, wearing clothes. I value the little things. Or at least I always try to.

Ah! It’s been a long post.

But, I wanna know from you!

Are you a morning person? Do you like mornings?

Tell me in the comments 🙂 Have a nice day and take care

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Update on my mental health journey

Hello wordpress fellows,

How are you guys? It has been long since you’ve heard something from me.

They say that speaking out helps make the situation better and also helps you feel better.

So I decided that I will share with you my progress on my mental heath journey here

5 significant things that happened and I am proud of:

I am now more honest with my answers when other question me. I will say ‘no’ and also the reason for saying ‘no’

I am now aware when I experience anxiety and I acknowledge it. I will soon seek help for it.

I at last shared my mental health issues with my Parents. And ever since, I’ve been feeling better.

Coincidentally, I made two friends at my workplace who experience mental health issues. I have company now!

Yeah, I guess that’s about it. Just wanted to write something at the final point here. Thank you WordPress.

I understand that I have been missing in action here, but, to be honest I want to be regular. So let me make a promise here, that I will be publishing another post next week, on 6th Feb!

How are you all? Comment below!

— Bhavana.

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:). Kaleidoscopic

It’s cool. That’s what I tell myself everyday

This is one of the days when I choose to write down my thoughts on WordPress..


Let’s talk about how I am feeling today:


Wait.. I used the word, good? I almost wanted to write ‘happy’, which I am. But, my mood swings a lot.

Honestly, also, I am afraid. Because when I say ‘happy’, it means I am happy completely. Which sometimes, I am.

BUT. I am always thinking about something or the other. The good side is my anxiety has reduced. So it’s all well.

You know when I am extremely happy? When I am with my loved ones.
When I am dancing. When I have no social media on my phone, and thinking of what to do.. and I decide to just sing.. with my all my heart.. to myself.
Well this sounds like poetry. But it is really is.

I am enjoying my life for now I do not feel depressed like I was feeling the past year.
I feel better, Everything feels better.
I do not want to promise that I will be regularly writing here.
Because I want to live my life, focusing on one day..

I do not want to say things that I do not believe in… I just want to be genuine.. I want to be true to myself, and also to others. It’s one of the hardest things, but it pays off…. sometimes..

See, I was so happy writing the beginning of the post, and now I have to tell you, that I am thinking of so many things. But one thing is for sure – The WordPress platform – with the support of you, the bloggers.. have made my life much better.

By letting me speak my thoughts out.

Today, I am feeling kaleidoscopic. 🙂