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5 Healthy Habits I Adopted

Hello Beautiful Souls. Gorgeous Humans. I hope you are doing good! Happy Winters!

Well, it is not so cold yet here in my city, but I can sure speak for your cities! The fact that it is November now, tells us that time flies, and so let us embrace time by taking care of ourselves and being happy!

I have been talking about the changes that have happened in my life in the past few months, and today, I am excited to share with you few healthy habits I have adopted in my lifestyle! Please let me know if you tried to adopt these habits too. We can have a great conversation over this!

1. Little to No Sugar:

Avoid Sugar

Having been the kid who used to consume 4 spoons of sugar in almost all drinks, I now understand what is healthier for my body and ensure that I take little to no sugar. I have been doing that since a year, however, it’s only recently that it has become a habit.

2. 10 mins of workout:

10 mins of workout

I came across 2 videos on Youtube: Exercises for Flat Stomach & Ab Exercises and I have been doing them almost regularly. It is making a difference as my body has toned up. I found out that these videos have worked for me. In case you wish to start working out, try to understand which video you think suits you the most! And enjoy the process.

3. Avoiding Deep fried food items

Deep fry 1

In India, we have got various deep fried food items, some of which I find quite delicious. (see: Samosa). However, I told myself to take control of my eating, especially the deep fried food items. I already know they are not always healthy to eat, and hence I made a decision to cut down on my consumption. Thanks to the people around me, I have been successfully doing that.

4. Taking in more nutrients

Take in the nutrients 1

I am going to thank my flatmates again, it is them who are always trying to make sure that they meet the nutrients requirements for their bodies. I consume eggs  and milk almost daily. Since I turned vegetarian (I eat eggs) about 11 months ago, I realized that I must consume certain foods in order to get the required nutrients. Although I am yet to learn a lot more about nutrition, it feels nice to be aware of our basic body needs.

5. Drinking enough Water

consuming water 2

I had always known this to be a healthy habit, but was never able to adopt it! It is simple, yet it took me quite long to implement it in my daily routine. I do not always have enough water (2 liters) everyday, however I try to have as much water as I can. I have also started taking green tea. The taste isn’t so pleasing for me, but it does feel refreshing!

I am also making efforts to include fruits in my diet. I generally do not like having fruits, however I feel they are too important to ignore. My favorite fruits are pomegranate and bananas. Let me know about yours.

I hope you found this post helpful. Writing this post has helped me become more confident and aware of my choices and will let me continue to practice these habits, and also begin to adopt new ones. 

Comment below, let’s have a supportive chat 🙂


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When I celebrated my birthday by Spreading Smiles!

Who cares: It’s been almost 4 months since my birthday.

What I did on birthday: Oh yes, you ought to know!

My birthday was on a Friday and I took a sick leave from office (of course). The most happiest thing for me to do that day was – to do something that makes my heart race and excites me – Vlogging. As I had always wanted to do this – hand over cut outs of smileys to people I meet in the park and making them smile, I decided to do that. 8:30 am, the phone watch read. Not knowing if the park would be open that moment, I quickly changed into my top and jeans, took my phone to record, and rushed to the nearest park next to my home.


Outside my house

As I walked through the beautiful lanes of my neighborhood, I shot the scenes with my phone, so I would include these clips to make my video look beautiful. While shooting, though, a rickshaw just honks, and it suddenly occurred to me that it was asking me to make space for it to move ahead (please always make sure you walk safely while shooting). After I finally approach the entrance of the park, I hoped that I could find people in there. I entered and experienced the extreme heat on my skin and felt my hair wet in sweat. Ah! I see few people there. It took me few moments to encourage myself to do what I came here to do.

Park collage

To get comfortable, I began to walk around in few circles, until I decided to stop, and turn around. I see three aunties (meaning: ladies) approaching me.
I say: ‘Hey! It is my birthday today’.
Them: ‘Happy Birthday!’
Me: I thought of doing something special today, so I am giving out these cut outs of smilies to spread happiness’.
Them: That’s very sweet!

One of the ladies stayed back and following my request to record her, said a few words on how she felt. She then walked ahead and joined the other aunties. I looked around, and saw an uncle sitting on a chair. I happily walked towards him, feeling grateful about already having met people who took my smilies. The uncle and I were having a good conversation for quite a while, about both of our lives. I later realized that him and the lady who I met earlier are a married couple! How nice. They were extremely delighted by my gesture of celebrating my birthday – so they offered me to join them for breakfast at their house!

They offered me breakfast

Never had I felt so rewarded and grateful for something I had decided to do, than I did at this moment. I am glad I stepped out of the house, and spent my time exactly the way I wished to.

In the lift.. going out

I returned home, feeling refreshed, and wondering where I could spend the evening. My Mom and I decided to head to Tea Villa Cafe. I truly am fond of the vibe of that, the friendly staff, and of course the food that they serve!

Tea villa collage

Dinner food 1

My Mom gave me a birthday cake after we headed back home. My Dad, Mom and I enjoyed the cake cutting ceremony and I came to my room and concluded this beautiful birthday with a beautiful mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. I want to know from you! How do you celebrate birthdays? Is there a tradition you follow every year? Have your thoughts changed about birthdays? Do you get excited for birthdays like a kid? Do you feel something different about birthdays? Please comment below so that all of us can share our feelings, and discuss here. 

Stay Happy and Take Care!

Do watch my Youtube video to see how my day went about!

Hi, my name is Bhavana and I love to meet people, have new experiences and share them with you! Join in and get ‘Happening to be Happy’!

Join me on my journey of Happiness on Instagram and Twitter. Stay Happy!

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When I choose to Change

It has been 46 days and you may be wondering what Bhavana is upto. Although I generally post once every 30 days, I feel as if I am making a comeback. And I am glad this comeback has come along with its new experiences, better thoughts, and significant changes.

The Secret
I am grateful that I read this book

I recently finished to read a book named ‘The Secret’. I remembered my schoolmates bringing this book to class. I was given this book last week by my cousin brother who stays in Mumbai, too. Never have I ever finished a book so fast, as I did with this one.

The book was an easy read, sure. But what really made it so easy for me to read it was how it made me feel, page after page. I did not quite agree with certain parts of the book, however I did feel my thoughts to change. I began to focus on the positive, and it reaffirmed my belief in choosing to give my energy to the right place.Diary 1

Simply love making ‘to do lists’; it helps me to be productive

I had made lot of plans a few months back; I accomplished some, and others are kept in the form of ink in between the pages, that are being worked on. I am very glad that I have taken my life seriously in the past year than I ever have in my life, and I have just begun. Like all years in my life, this year I learnt and began acting on quite a lot of things that I want to share with my WordPress friends!

The energy around you has the power to help you achieve things. Since years, when I decided to exercise, I would stop a few days later. For the first time ever, I am now able to follow of a routine of regular exercise after I come back from work. All I did to get started was buy a yoga mat from a shop with my Dad back at home, and when I came back here, I couldn’t contain my excitement to start working out. What inspired me was the infectious energy and dedication that my flatmates had. Them being always aware of what they are eating, motivated me to be conscious of my health. My body is now getting toned up, and I am making much better healthy lifestyle changes.Food 1

For Breakfast today: Lightly fried Poha (flattened rice) with a cup of Green Tea

I used to be the kid who would add 4 spoons of sugar in almost beverages. I had never thought that today, I will have the courage to almost completely cut down on sugar and also deep fried food items. I am definitely proud of myself.

I recently got a tripod and few necessary equipment to record videos, as I love talking to the camera and sharing my stories. I am fascinated by the power that blogs and videos posses, to empower others across the world and make a significant impact.

Me 2

Had to capture these beautiful flowers outside a hotel in Meghalaya, India

I have also been feeling grateful for what I have, now. Saying ‘thank you’ and being happy for having to feel and experience simple joys is something I have started to do, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Certainly, there are few things in life that I have been wanting to change, however, rather than giving my energy to what I don’t want, I want to focus on what I do wish to have. This has helped me in feeling a lot better and also in handling different situations.

We are a community of 146 friends, and I believe, a Meet and Greet post will be a great idea to connect with each other! Please say hi, I am extremely excited to know how you are doing. Stay Happy.


Hi, my name is Bhavana and I love to meet people, have new experiences and share them with you! Join in and get ‘Happening to be Happy’!

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How Toastmasters Helped Turn Things Around For Me

I vaguely remember what I studied in the first year of college, however I do remember how it felt to be there in the year 2012.

Being a shy and a submissive person, I was often told that since I was not good at studies, I need to work harder to ‘make my career’. 

I was a 19 year old girl when I first visited a Toastmasters club. Knowing that ‘Public speaking’ often caused fear amongst people, I sensed that my fear was slightly lesser than most of the people out there.

Wordpress 1

After a month of continuously running away from the idea of joining the club, I was made to register as a member by my sister. The scariest moment for me had to be when I was asked to come on the stage and give an impromptu speech for a minute.  I ran away in the funniest ways possible, by figuring out excuses to not go to the club.  Some days, I said I had a stomach pain and some other days, a headache. While my sister regularly attended all meetings every Friday, I comfortably chose to stay back home, feeling relieved to have escaped the horror of ‘Impromptu Table Topics Round’, but also feeling feeling unsettled and unsure of the choice I made.

Wordpress 2

However, it was one of those days when my sister and I together headed to the club. I think she was the Emcee that evening. As we reached, I started to sense a great bonding amongst the people present there. They had a unique charm to them as they gracefully greeted me. I was overwhelmed by their welcoming gestures, and I could very well remember this from the first meeting itself. I thought to myself, perhaps I am missing out on the opportunities of being here and experiencing a friendly exchange like this, and so I decided to head there another Friday.

The old, the young, the suited men and women, the homemakers, the middle aged ones, I met them all under one roof. Never in my life, had I ever witnessed a diversity like this come together at one place, and be so accepting and encouraging.

maxresdefault (2) - Copy - Copy

I gave my first speech ever that summer, where I introduced myself to the audience. Despite the video link not being available with me, I remember I had sung ‘Dream On’ at the end of my speech. Since that day, I have never looked back. My journey in Toastmasters continued as I gave speech after speech, took up roles of emcee, and went on to evaluate other speeches.

Toastmasters not only taught me the various aspects of public speaking, but surprisingly guided me on how to be a better person. I turned a good listener, a better speaker, and a thoughtful person. And so did other members. A lady member who had gone through a divorce began to make sense of things around her, and transformed into a tough, yet cheerful person. A university professor who had conquered his life and overcome the challenges he faced being visually impaired, was looked upon as one of the best speakers, and awarded for his exceptionally amazing speaking skills in the club as well as internationally.

Wordpress 5

The voices inside us may have at one point, been suppressed by a person, a thing, or even an experience. To me, Toastmasters was the platform where I voiced my opinions and thoughts, told my audience how my Parents have nurtured me and made me who I am today, shared some serious facts about Acid attacks, and also persuaded my audience to practice self love.

Toastmasters really did help turn things around for me. I hope that my experience helps you to get yourself out of your comfort zone, do things that you love and choose happiness!

Wordpress 3

Check out the Toastmasters website here. You can find and visit a club that is situated near you by visiting this link.


Hi, my name is Bhavana and I love to meet people, have new experiences and share them with you! Join in and get ‘Happening to be Happy’!

Join me on my journey of Happiness on Instagram and Twitter. Stay Happy!

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How Happy I Feel Here

Sitting in front of our HCL computer at home, feeling the need to write down my thoughts to inspire others, I wrote very my first post on back in 2012, that spoke about how I overcame/was overcoming depression. I was in high school. The post received positive responses from my friends with whom I had shared, and my sister. I almost wrote my second post, saved it as a draft, and now I notice that I had deleted it. I did continue to keep coming back continuously only to see how my profile looks to other people. And that is all.

4 years later, I sat in front of my laptop, feeling the need to write down my thoughts to inspire others. I write my first post, not quite certain if someone would notice my blog. I had 3 followers! My sister – who I think followed me few years back when she had written a post, My mother – who does not know she’s following me because I logged into her account and followed myself, and the third – Myself. I was Happy.

As I wrote my first post, I wondered who would stumble upon my blog and read my post. I of course was unaware of First Friday and Community Posts. And then one day, I receive a notification that someone who I do not know completely, from another corner of the world, has liked my post and followed my blog. I WAS OVERJOYED. I was over the moon. That is the moment I realized that my blog does offer value, and I must continue to grow it.


Today, as I share this platform with 113 of you beautiful souls, I feel the need to look back and appreciate the fact that I have come so far. My posts have communicated the beauty of being in the present, and I must follow what I preach! I do take the moment to live the moment.

Why to always wait for that cherry when you can still smile and celebrate over having baked the cake?
Why not, for once, stop and smell the roses?

With this attitude, I aim to make my blog big, that offers even bigger value to whoever reading it. I want to nurture it like a baby, as it has given me happiness when almost nothing was going right – I had quit my job and come to Mumbai, I did not get accepted to the college I had applied to and I was figuring out my life.

Happening to be Happy felt to be a blessing in my life, a support system that I was probably searching for, and a family with whom I could learn, share and grow!


I want you to take a moment and appreciate where you are, or start to believe in how much you will do, and applaud your efforts!

Can we, today, be grateful to ourselves and to those who love us?
Can we, today, put down our thoughts and show gratitude for what we have?
Can we, today, realize our power to create ourselves to be where we want to be?

Because we can will. 

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There is Something Serene about Sunrises

5 A.M. : ‘Alright! So we have had lots of drinks and danced all night long, it’s almost morning, time to go to sleep!’

–  That was me as a college student, about 2 years back.

5 A. M. : ‘I am proud of myself! I got up early to experience the tranquility of this beautiful dawn, and I am so fortunate to soak up the beauty of this sunshine, along with the positivity that it brings as the sun rises.

–  That is the present me, striving to experience all the lovely sunrises on this earth, and make the most of them.

And when I do get up at 5 A.M,  I meditate, look around in awe at how calm it actually is. Sometimes, I grab my diary to write down my thoughts, or sometimes, wear my sports shoes that I’d bought 3 years back, that I’d planned to use regularly for running but, well. I would then open the video from Fitness Blender showing how to workout in 37 minutes, or I would simply sit on my bed, and bask in the glory of having successfully been up this early, and enjoy the moment.

‘Why is this girl crazy about sunrises?’ You would wonder. I was inspired by one of Robin Sharma’s videos where he talks about how getting up early has the potential to transform your life. I will be very honest here, I have not yet reached that point of being organized, doing things as planned, or even having a regular sleep pattern. But for the times I did successfully have, I have reached my greatest potential, I have challenged my mind to think out of the box, and this is when I also first thought to begin my very own blog – Happening to be Happy. 

But it does take me real effort to sleep and wake up on time. It is funny because I generally do not do anything productive as I get back home from office, at around 7:30 PM. My friends from different countries – you may be surprised to know that back here in India, we do not always leave our offices on time.  And the main reason why I struggle to hit the bed is that element of life, which has influenced almost every age group, race, culture today – Social media.

The diary I own – I call it my own – Dreams, Thoughts, Ideas – All that are my own

As I share this post, I only wish that we empower each other by our own stories. Have you, like me, taken efforts to rise up early? If yes, I would love for you to comment here, or tell us how you feel about early mornings, sleep routines and how it may affect our lifestyles.

Let us connect by creating a caring community!

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Why I Volunteer for what is Worthy

If you look around closely enough, you have the possibility to see few individuals who are striving to make this world a better place. While things happening around the globe today may look ugly most of the times, it is those people who are doing their work of ensuring a better day tomorrow.

Your friends may often say they are busy, and do not find the time to volunteer. The real question is, do they even want to? Giving a time of the week or month is completely an individual’s choice. What they do with their free time totally depends on their wish. But today, as I share this post  with you, we need one another to come out and participate in the change; to make an effort and contribute to this movement. To take sometime out of our busy schedules.

The thought to help someone struck my mind when I could not see myself wasting time at home. I began to google the NGOs that support the cause I honestly believe in, applied on their websites, and went for the orientation. The moment I stepped my foot in the slums, experience the ground work that is required, is when I understood the situation there.

The kids getting excited to see a smartphone camera!

I also learnt that the kids are willing to study and grow, what is really stopping them is not having someone to speak with. They want to experience different hobbies, and meet new people, just like we do.

Imagine- how much of difference you could make, if you enter their lives and give them that needed push for them to move forward. Think, how much of an impact you could help create, if you offer support to a man/woman who has lost so much, but is only looking for a comforting conversation.

07:20 AM: I choose to help someone over sleeping in

What if, the greatest problems in the world are waiting for us to solve them, in our small, simple ways. 

I urge you simply look around for the opportunities, where you can offer positivity to someone needing it,

I urge you to simply take a step towards solving the issues that we complain about everyday,

I urge you to understand that I am another blogger, urging others to volunteer for what is worthy.

I want to know, if you have volunteered before/ are volunteering, or began someday and left it off, I would love to hear all of your stories!






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What staying at a Paying Guest felt like

Basic, Bland, Boring.

This is how most of you may perceive a paying guest as. But you’re wrong.

Staying away from your carefree home gives you the wings to be independent and a peak to sharpen your thoughts. The funny and the furious, the calm and the confused, the loving and the laid back – you will get to meet all of these people, and each one of them has a lesson to offer. Needless to say, you are going to have a great time at this unknown place – that is soon going to be your world of wonder.

I was in college when I was sharing a room with three other girls. Although there are too many challenges to choose from, the toughest one was to find a Tiffin caterer. Oh! Take me to a safe place of cheap and healthy food! But the food we ate never tended to take a toll on our health – for we were constantly doing most of our work – wash clothes, .. Oh well, almost forget to mention that this pg was one of the most well known and well maintained ones in the area, and we had to pay a high rent. In my case, my father did. Hence we never really suffered much – except for sticking to rules (one must reach pg before 10 pm) and of course, dealing with the drama. Luckily, all of the work and stress helped us manage our weight!

To be put
One of those rare days when we ordered food from outside!

I was a jolly person – always ready to make new friends. We partied in our rooms, went out sometimes, while also considering that we have got limited money. While it’s true that our families would have supported us when we were broke, but honestly- we didn’t want to repeatedly ask for money. Staying under one roof together, we learnt that it is normal to be confused, it is normal to have weird routines, it is normal to be yourself. We found ourselves seeking help and advice from one another, taking care of each other – for we realized that we were each others’ support and family, away from our families back at home.

Our corridor decorated during the famous Indian festival – Diwali

It had been almost 3 years and now it was my final year of college! Unexpectedly, I’d fallen into a cold war with one of my roommates. I remained calm and composed, thinking that I just had 5 more months to stay and then finally move into a flat and start working. You may have thought I would feel low at the thought of moving out, but in all honesty – I was glad it was over.

To be put
Messages from my roommates, forever engraved in my mind and soul

Today, as I write this after a long year and a half, I sense the breeze of memories filling up my heart, that coupled with a series of moments flashing past my eyes, making me aware of how strong we all had been to survive that stage and take control of our actions.


It is not all rosy and brightening, but it’s neither too dark and frightening. What you need is a 
supportive network around you.

A Hostel, a Paying guest, or a Flat of your own – They all support in your growth and uplift your grit; for they will always be one of those reasons why you are how you are today.

I want to know, if you have ever stayed away from home, and how it helped you expand your mind. Let us connect!

Appreciation Awards

My First Ever Blogger Recognition Award

Hey Cherylene, thank you so much for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. You are special because this is the first time ever, a blog like yours filled with such compassion and motivation has recognized the beauty in mine.

Happening to be Happy 

Read on to know how a thought transformed into a movement..

All of us see the negativity, but rarely do we see the hope and possibility of it being filled with happiness again. A student, a manager, a singer, a housewife, a help – you name it, and they all have one wish in common – to be happy. Happiness is clearly not a destination, but a journey. It certainly needs to be felt even when you are working towards your dreams, or simply sitting, you need to feel your energy only on things that matter to you. This is where  YOU decide what happiness means to you. You deserve to be the way you have wish yourself to be. This is how, you Happen to be Happy!

I am working on making this beautiful thought into a strong movement – where we, together, can make happiness a reality. Hope to see you join me!

Here is my advice for the new bloggers:

  1. Hey beautiful bloggers, you have chosen the right platform to share your thoughts. Keep writing!
  2. Be yourself. You have created this blog, and it is special. Make it bloom and see it make a difference in how people behave, for the good. I believe, a blog has the ability to change a reader’s perception, which creates a ripple effect towards a more healthy and happy world!

Tin, tin! It’s time to nominate bloggers for the award! Honestly, all 102 blogs that I follow are great! Let me tell you honestly, I want to make it a habit to read all the posts on my reader. There are those awesome blogs, whose topics I may not relate to, or may miss on my reader. I want to read all the posts! So the blogs whose topics I relate to more, and deeply appreciate, are –

Yay! There are the rules that you need to follow!

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

It feels good writing this post, but I would like to add that I truly admire the passion within each writer and that no award can determine how impactful your blog is, it is only the sense of satisfaction you get when you write. We are all equal.