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How Happy I Feel Here

Sitting in front of our HCL computer at home, feeling the need to write down my thoughts to inspire others, I wrote very my first post on back in 2012, that spoke about how I overcame/was overcoming depression. I was in high school. The post received positive responses from my friends with whom I had shared, and my sister. I almost wrote my second post, saved it as a draft, and now I notice that I had deleted it. I did continue to keep coming back continuously only to see how my profile looks to other people. And that is all.

4 years later, I sat in front of my laptop, feeling the need to write down my thoughts to inspire others. I write my first post, not quite certain if someone would notice my blog. I had 3 followers! My sister – who I think followed me few years back when she had written a post, My mother – who does not know she’s following me because I logged into her account and followed myself, and the third – Myself. I was Happy.

As I wrote my first post, I wondered who would stumble upon my blog and read my post. I of course was unaware of First Friday and Community Posts. And then one day, I receive a notification that someone who I do not know completely, from another corner of the world, has liked my post and followed my blog. I WAS OVERJOYED. I was over the moon. That is the moment I realized that my blog does offer value, and I must continue to grow it.


Today, as I share this platform with 113 of you beautiful souls, I feel the need to look back and appreciate the fact that I have come so far. My posts have communicated the beauty of being in the present, and I must follow what I preach! I do take the moment to live the moment.

Why to always wait for that cherry when you can still smile and celebrate over having baked the cake?
Why not, for once, stop and smell the roses?

With this attitude, I aim to make my blog big, that offers even bigger value to whoever reading it. I want to nurture it like a baby, as it has given me happiness when almost nothing was going right – I had quit my job and come to Mumbai, I did not get accepted to the college I had applied to and I was figuring out my life.

Happening to be Happy felt to be a blessing in my life, a support system that I was probably searching for, and a family with whom I could learn, share and grow!


I want you to take a moment and appreciate where you are, or start to believe in how much you will do, and applaud your efforts!

Can we, today, be grateful to ourselves and to those who love us?
Can we, today, put down our thoughts and show gratitude for what we have?
Can we, today, realize our power to create ourselves to be where we want to be?

Because we can will. 

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There is Something Serene about Sunrises

5 A.M. : ‘Alright! So we have had lots of drinks and danced all night long, it’s almost morning, time to go to sleep!’

–  That was me as a college student, about 2 years back.

5 A. M. : ‘I am proud of myself! I got up early to experience the tranquility of this beautiful dawn, and I am so fortunate to soak up the beauty of this sunshine, along with the positivity that it brings as the sun rises.

–  That is the present me, striving to experience all the lovely sunrises on this earth, and make the most of them.

And when I do get up at 5 A.M,  I meditate, look around in awe at how calm it actually is. Sometimes, I grab my diary to write down my thoughts, or sometimes, wear my sports shoes that I’d bought 3 years back, that I’d planned to use regularly for running but, well. I would then open the video from Fitness Blender showing how to workout in 37 minutes, or I would simply sit on my bed, and bask in the glory of having successfully been up this early, and enjoy the moment.

‘Why is this girl crazy about sunrises?’ You would wonder. I was inspired by one of Robin Sharma’s videos where he talks about how getting up early has the potential to transform your life. I will be very honest here, I have not yet reached that point of being organized, doing things as planned, or even having a regular sleep pattern. But for the times I did successfully have, I have reached my greatest potential, I have challenged my mind to think out of the box, and this is when I also first thought to begin my very own blog – Happening to be Happy. 

But it does take me real effort to sleep and wake up on time. It is funny because I generally do not do anything productive as I get back home from office, at around 7:30 PM. My friends from different countries – you may be surprised to know that back here in India, we do not always leave our offices on time.  And the main reason why I struggle to hit the bed is that element of life, which has influenced almost every age group, race, culture today – Social media.

The diary I own – I call it my own – Dreams, Thoughts, Ideas – All that are my own

As I share this post, I only wish that we empower each other by our own stories. Have you, like me, taken efforts to rise up early? If yes, I would love for you to comment here, or tell us how you feel about early mornings, sleep routines and how it may affect our lifestyles.

Let us connect by creating a caring community!

Appreciation Awards

The Lovely Blog Award – Oh That’s Lovely!

Namaste to everyone! A lovely blogger has lovingly nominated me for a Lovely Blog Award! Now that’s lovely. Thank you so much ALALYAK for recognizing and appreciating my worth on WordPress. One must check out her blog because it is sure to make you feel good about yourself and feel inspired. Get on her blog and get smiling!

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I am naturally funny and good at singing
  2. I have been bullied at school
  3. I have studied in 6 schools and stayed in 4 cities in India
  4. My native place is Bihar (also the state in which Bodh Gaya is situated, where the Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment). I currently stay in Mumbai.
  5. I was never naturally good at studies, but I definitely dream about doing great things. Proof: I am on WordPress with amazing people like you.
  6. I have my weird habits, but I usually do not judge people. In  fact, I love people; expect when they don’t give good vibes.
  7. I currently work at a non profit organisation. But I plan to create a strong network, where people learn from each other, there is less of discrimination, and more of knowledge sharing.

My Nominations:

Yay! The Rules are:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  2. Post about the award
  3. Share seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate at most 15 people
  5. Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated

As I conclude, I want you to know that blogging makes me the happy and reading posts from all around the world makes me even happier. Since I do not end up reading all posts on my feed, I support each one of you!

Stay strong, Stay Happy!

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What staying at a Paying Guest felt like

Basic, Bland, Boring.

This is how most of you may perceive a paying guest as. But you’re wrong.

Staying away from your carefree home gives you the wings to be independent and a peak to sharpen your thoughts. The funny and the furious, the calm and the confused, the loving and the laid back – you will get to meet all of these people, and each one of them has a lesson to offer. Needless to say, you are going to have a great time at this unknown place – that is soon going to be your world of wonder.

I was in college when I was sharing a room with three other girls. Although there are too many challenges to choose from, the toughest one was to find a Tiffin caterer. Oh! Take me to a safe place of cheap and healthy food! But the food we ate never tended to take a toll on our health – for we were constantly doing most of our work – wash clothes, .. Oh well, almost forget to mention that this pg was one of the most well known and well maintained ones in the area, and we had to pay a high rent. In my case, my father did. Hence we never really suffered much – except for sticking to rules (one must reach pg before 10 pm) and of course, dealing with the drama. Luckily, all of the work and stress helped us manage our weight!

To be put
One of those rare days when we ordered food from outside!

I was a jolly person – always ready to make new friends. We partied in our rooms, went out sometimes, while also considering that we have got limited money. While it’s true that our families would have supported us when we were broke, but honestly- we didn’t want to repeatedly ask for money. Staying under one roof together, we learnt that it is normal to be confused, it is normal to have weird routines, it is normal to be yourself. We found ourselves seeking help and advice from one another, taking care of each other – for we realized that we were each others’ support and family, away from our families back at home.

Our corridor decorated during the famous Indian festival – Diwali

It had been almost 3 years and now it was my final year of college! Unexpectedly, I’d fallen into a cold war with one of my roommates. I remained calm and composed, thinking that I just had 5 more months to stay and then finally move into a flat and start working. You may have thought I would feel low at the thought of moving out, but in all honesty – I was glad it was over.

To be put
Messages from my roommates, forever engraved in my mind and soul

Today, as I write this after a long year and a half, I sense the breeze of memories filling up my heart, that coupled with a series of moments flashing past my eyes, making me aware of how strong we all had been to survive that stage and take control of our actions.


It is not all rosy and brightening, but it’s neither too dark and frightening. What you need is a 
supportive network around you.

A Hostel, a Paying guest, or a Flat of your own – They all support in your growth and uplift your grit; for they will always be one of those reasons why you are how you are today.

I want to know, if you have ever stayed away from home, and how it helped you expand your mind. Let us connect!

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Valentine Week : A Chance To Cherish Your Own Self

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” – Oscar Wilde.

Loving others is a good thing, but loving yourself is the best thing. This week, take this post as a pleasant breeze and let it make you look after yourself. I have made the greatest decision to place my own happiness as the first priority. This is how I have been doing it: 

1. Listen to myself

Listening to what I have to say to myself and trying to understand why. I maintain a diary specifically to write down all my ideas, opinions, thoughts and dreams. I also write down all the questions, the answers of which I strive to seek. You may also maintain them in a Google Docs/Google Sheets (synced to your personal account), as you will never loose them.

2. Make sense of what I do

Whether I am eating an unhealthy snack, or just behaved rudely with someone, it is important to let myself know it and learn from it. I suggest you to write down in your diary; I have not tried it yet, I am sure it helps. 

3. Passion over Fashion

Since the time I have begun writing down my thoughts and aspirations, it has brought about immense clarity into how I wish to live. To my surprise, I sensed something that I never I would; my ideas of living were different from what everyone around me was doing. I urge you to stand up for yourself, and create your runway and not get carried away by the crowd. 

4. Surprise myself

As I note down my mistakes I made in the past and ensure not to repeat them, I confidently put down my accomplishments till date, and pat myself in the back. It is good to reward yourself and get surprised by doing little things that you enjoy – going out for a walk, joining a productive social group, learning through a course, or breaking the ice by talking to someone and making their day. 

While I am excited to share more and more ways to cherish yourself in the future posts, and I believe you deserve to know these 4 simple ways to start making yourself feel loved, by yourself. Wishing you a healthy, happening and happy Valentine week!

Cherish Yourself

Happening to be Happy is a movement that I define to be a way to make your own happiness goals and associated to it, is a strong belief that with all of us in it together – it is possible. 


You’re Beautiful

Hello, you. Do you remember the time when someone made you feel that you do not look good enough? Or the number of times you yourself have wondered how your body and face is different than that of others? We have all been there.   

No? Wow, you are lucky, congratulations.

Now for all of you who have been in the same boat as I was, let me make your day. Some of you may have been called beautiful, some of you may not have. But guess what, being beautiful has really got nothing to do with how you appear to be. 

What is beautiful? It is to : 

Be honest with your feelings: Being honest with your thoughts and dreams is beautiful in itself. It is now time for you to smile!

Have a beautiful soul: Well, let me explain to you – You make an effort to be smart, real and responsible.

Know what is right for you and work towards it: Being brave enough to follow your passion and working towards it makes you beyond beautiful.

More solutions, Less complaints: While you often see people around you complaining and cribbing, you instead focus on what can be done. 

There, I said it.

Rejoice and relax. You deserve all the appreciation. As you work hard to make yourself happy while maintaining a respectful atmosphere around, you deserve happiness. 

If you happen to connect with what I wrote, do not forget to watch my video, that again makes you feel beautiful and happy. If you enjoy my channel, subscribe and help me spread joy to everyone!


See You On YouTube!

Namaste Bloggers!

As I hear the traffic noise and approach my office, there is always one thing that surrounds my mind for most of the time – making myself and you guys happy. I believe I have a good control in front of camera and thus I will share my ideas of happiness with you! Hope to see you as excited as I am!

The videos will make you smile, laugh and ponder. My YouTube channel will not just talk about problems, but help you find solutions. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? I have so much in store for you beautiful people! You deserve to hear happiness stories and deserve to get inspired. I hope to offer inspiration through vlogs where I record my activities, videos where I talk about how you make most of your free time, and how anyone of us can inspire the people around us.

Happening to be Happy – I believe in this idea because there is not a person or a thing that can make us the happiest, we must need to make ourselves happy by making it happen. Define your happiness ideas, understand what happiness means to you, and when you happen to be happy, is when you truly are happy!

The time has now come to share my first video. Check it out here ! Do subscribe if you can relate to my ideas!

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do share your voice!

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Being Happy, the Smarter Way

‘We are all designed to be unsatisfied, and that is why we see people never completely happy with their lives. Since we are made to embrace the past, we wish for the good old days to come back. We are made to always hope for the good, so we continue to dream of better days in the future. Therefore we never really understand the true essence of presence and the happiness that comes with it.’ – Research says.

Sadly true, this statement got me thinking deeply about the subject of happiness. There is always a way to make things work your way, and then there is always a ‘smarter’ way to make it happen. In the fast paced and complex world that we live in, there is a need to be smart and safe, as we set for our ways. Our world is huge, with different kinds of people in it. When I say ‘being happy the smart way’, there is no need to compromise on any of your happiness; it is the way you work towards it. Because Happiness is a serious business!

Just like you create a plan to prepare for your exams, or a job interview, or any other important task, your happiness deserves the same intensity and attention. People will often tell you, ‘That is how life is. Everybody suffers. You have to live with it.’ They are partially right. But we do not have to suffer. We do not deserve to suffer. How many times have you encountered a person that is mentally ill but is not yet attended to as required? Yes because, let us be honest, we are not aware of a certain way to approach them. But they need our help, in some way, and very soon. I was recently listening to a behavioral scientist – Anand Damani, on radio talking about how certain things affect our daily activities, and life. The more you learn, the more you grow.

Being responsible, rational and real is what will keep us going. Ensuring our happiness, and also spreading happiness in the right sense. I write this because I personally know and have met people who are unable to keep themselves safe and happy; and I am finding ways how I can help them. I wish to do this together, through a group, or a knowledge sharing conversation. I am sure you have felt this way at least once in your life. If yes, do comment and share your views.

On a lighter note, I will launch my Youtube channel in the upcoming week. More about it on the next post! Stay Tuned.


24 hours – Too less, you say?

In a hotel where I was getting trained back in 2013, I remembered the words said by the Training Manager there – ‘The only thing that is common among all of us is.. TIME. All of us have got 24 hours in a day. It is what we do in  a day that makes us different.’ Isn’t that one of the best eye openers of all?

I look to my left, I see someone who is so busy that he does not seem to have time to do anything else apart from work. I look to my right, I see someone who may have the time, but does not realize when he really has time, and tends to get lost. But most of all, we see people wasting their time, when they really have the time – The present.

For a person like me, who travels by bus everyday for almost one hour one way, knows what I am talking about. Just listening to songs do not entertain me anymore. So often I feel the urge to look at the person sitting next to me, and ask how their day was. I wish to make the most of the one hour that I am sitting in the bus, and making it count. Sometimes, it is just better to start now, rather than dreaming about the things we have been wishing to do.

I have been immensely inspired by one of the bestseller authors – Robin Sharma – he says ‘Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now‘. I think these lines have pushed me to make changes in my daily life. I am sure, you too vision things that you wish to accomplish. I say, simply take that step. You will begin to create your magic. Believe me.

Going forward, I wish to share with you, all that I have changed in my lifestyle, for the better. I know you too are striving to be better, happier and stronger everyday! I want to listen to your story. Let’s get going!


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Let Us Take A Moment To Live The Moment

‘What are you plans for the night? What dress are you wearing? You are off work on 31st, aren’t you? Why are you not losing yourself on 31st night?’

It is easier than anything else to get swayed by people pushing you to get excited for that one night. Well, every year, you must have wondered after waking up on 1st January – ‘I do not remember what happened – but anyway, let us get back to life and face the face of the next year‘.

^ I write this on 31st morning, feeling great about not drinking and rather working on my blog. But, it did not go as planned – my family and I went for dinner arranged by our society – and of course, drank. I danced the night away and felt good doing so after six long months of staying at home. Have you ever felt content even after things don’t go as planned, for good? Yes, sometimes.

As you may have always read in my blog, I believe that we are all equal with equal amount of opportunities and problems. Thus, for all of us, 2016 was a year full of learning new things, learning how to take care of yourself and your surroundings, and being a being a better person. We often hear people say ‘Oh my god, it is already May! Just 7 months to go and it’s the next year‘. While how great it would be to hear -‘Today is the day that I would love to cherish and make the most of it‘.

Rushing through the day and constantly waiting for the next moment does not let us live in the moment. But as the ‘busy’ people that we are, our priorities should be set straight. Doing what you love, and what is important to you. And that calls for time management. This year, I am aiming to get skilled at managing my time, doing more of what I love and writing my thoughts down.


Dreaming bigger and bigger, and better. Less of listening to radio music, and more of informative podcasts. Writing down my plan on how I wish to go about accomplishing my dreams. Getting more focused on WordPress, letting you wonderful readers know my story and learn about your great stories.

Not just getting excited for what lies ahead of me, but more importantly feeling the fragrance of this moment –  working for it, loving it and living it.