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How Toastmasters Helped Turn Things Around For Me

I vaguely remember what I studied in the first year of college, however I do remember how it felt to be there in the year 2012. Being a shy and a submissive person, I was often told that since I was not good at studies, I need to work harder to ‘make my career’.  I… Continue reading How Toastmasters Helped Turn Things Around For Me

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To Survive in the City of Chaos, Confusion and more

You may have heard the name of ‘Mumbai’, it is the city that has the highest GDP among most cities of Asia, and is also the financial capital of India. But a city always means something different to its resident – an ordinary man living with it. My story dates back to over a decade… Continue reading To Survive in the City of Chaos, Confusion and more

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How Happy I Feel Here

Sitting in front of our HCL computer at home, feeling the need to write down my thoughts to inspire others, I wrote very my first post on back in 2012, that spoke about how I overcame/was overcoming depression. I was in high school. The post received positive responses from my friends with whom I had… Continue reading How Happy I Feel Here

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Why I Volunteer for what is Worthy

If you look around closely enough, you have the possibility to see few individuals who are striving to make this world a better place. While things happening around the globe today may look ugly most of the times, it is those people who are doing their work of ensuring a better day tomorrow. Your friends may… Continue reading Why I Volunteer for what is Worthy

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What staying at a Paying Guest felt like

Basic, Bland, Boring. This is how most of you may perceive a paying guest as. But you’re wrong. Staying away from your carefree home gives you the wings to be independent and a peak to sharpen your thoughts. The funny and the furious, the calm and the confused, the loving and the laid back –… Continue reading What staying at a Paying Guest felt like

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What Lies Beyond Our Walls

Days of discomfort. Months of uncertainty. I at last struck up a meaningful conversation with my help, today. As you may have observed from the scene above, the view outside my room window is quite thought provoking – the beautiful blue sky, the dense clouds over the mountain,the sky kissing buildings, the pink/ red colored monorail, and something… Continue reading What Lies Beyond Our Walls

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The Offbeat Orientation!

Just like every expert was once an amateur, I am that blogger who is now a beginner! You are reading this from different corners of the world, yet with similar lifestyles. Yes. We are all confused yet ambitious, nervous yet so firm, ordinary yet so beautiful, different yet so very same. In this world we are… Continue reading The Offbeat Orientation!