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I am loving these YouTube vloggers

I did not know a lot about Youtube, and the youtubers using the platform.

One fine day, my friend and I were hanging out and talking about our life decisions.

As I was planning to start uploading my own videos on Youtube, she told me to watch some youtubers. She is someone who religiously watches a lot of different creators.

So thank you Rucha, I am kind of addicted to Youtube, and I think that is not a bad thing, not as bad as getting addicted to any other social media website.

While some videos have lifted my mood, there are few that have been instrumental to my mental well-being.

Here is the list of Youtubers that I have been enjoy watching:


I stumbled upon Kalyn’s channel randomly, and I am glad I did. Her videos make me feel like someone’s talking to me, and makes me think more about my life too. The best things about her channel is that she is very honest, and shows not only the beautiful, aesthetic aspect of her life, but also the aspect where she takes care of her house, and shares her feelings.

(If you like funny videos that also contain slang words):


I love Shane’s vlogs with this friends. I think they are very funny. What I love the most about watching his channel is that it feels like they are talking directly to me and they are my friends too!


I came across Emma’s channel randomly on YouTube. She is naturally funny and relatable to me. She aspires me to be myself.

If you watch Youtube, tell me what kind of videos you enjoy watching.

And this is my channel. I have posted 10 videos. I have to be honest, I was a little sad when I stopped making them. I did not take that decision. It just happened. I was working a full time job and was extremely passionate about Youtube. Anyway, I am still very happy and proud about it!

Meanwhile, I’ve watched many youtubers and gained inspiration. I feel that when you watching others’ videos, especially vlog channels, you are, in one way, interacting with someone.

During nights when I could not sleep because of anxiety, I did not know who to talk to. I first started watching videos of people that explained anxiety and who experienced it themselves. This helped me feel included, and helped my mind breathe.

Do you watch Youtube? Are you addicted to Youtube? Haha.

Wishing you a great day. Take care of yourself!

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What I am thinking of at 5:36 AM

I had slept at about 10:30 PM last night. I did not waste much time like the evening before by scrolling through Instagram. Last evening.. I do not even remember what I did. I am looking for a new place to move in, and so I was going through options online. Also, I had opened, planning to write a new post. But no, I thought to myself, I can write better when it’s early morning because my mind is clearer than the rest of the day.

It’s now 5:45 AM, and the sun is waiting to rise. And for me, I am writing this post with a couple of yawns, but mostly just being calm, grateful and at peace.

I absolutely love mornings; especially the moment when you wake up, can feel the beautiful silence, and realize how grateful you are to live and and see a different, new day. That’s why I love mornings, and sunrises.

It’s 6:02 am and I can now finally hear some the honking of vehicles on the road outside. But the sun is yet to rise. The lights in my room were switched off, however, I turned them on now and I feel so different. I can now definitely see my keyboard clearly!

I currently value mornings more, because my workplace has rotating shifts. I have a few months to enjoy morning shift until I get to work in the evening shift. And so I am embracing what I have right now.

I have expressed my love for dawn in my previous post titled ‘There is Something Serene about Sunrises’.

It’s 6:09 and I will have to start getting ready at 6:30. I absolutely love getting ready. It’s like I am preparing for a new day, but also living in the moment, and being immersed in doing self care: making bed, tying my pony, singing in the shower, wearing clothes. I value the little things. Or at least I always try to.

Ah! It’s been a long post.

But, I wanna know from you!

Are you a morning person? Do you like mornings?

Tell me in the comments 🙂 Have a nice day and take care