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:). Kaleidoscopic

It’s cool. That’s what I tell myself everyday

This is one of the days when I choose to write down my thoughts on WordPress..


Let’s talk about how I am feeling today:


Wait.. I used the word, good? I almost wanted to write ‘happy’, which I am. But, my mood swings a lot.

Honestly, also, I am afraid. Because when I say ‘happy’, it means I am happy completely. Which sometimes, I am.

BUT. I am always thinking about something or the other. The good side is my anxiety has reduced. So it’s all well.

You know when I am extremely happy? When I am with my loved ones.
When I am dancing. When I have no social media on my phone, and thinking of what to do.. and I decide to just sing.. with my all my heart.. to myself.
Well this sounds like poetry. But it is really is.

I am enjoying my life for now I do not feel depressed like I was feeling the past year.
I feel better, Everything feels better.
I do not want to promise that I will be regularly writing here.
Because I want to live my life, focusing on one day..

I do not want to say things that I do not believe in… I just want to be genuine.. I want to be true to myself, and also to others. It’s one of the hardest things, but it pays off…. sometimes..

See, I was so happy writing the beginning of the post, and now I have to tell you, that I am thinking of so many things. But one thing is for sure – The WordPress platform – with the support of you, the bloggers.. have made my life much better.

By letting me speak my thoughts out.

Today, I am feeling kaleidoscopic. 🙂