Through my eyes … MENTAL HEALTH

Hey blogger..

“Where is Bhavana? And why is she not posting on her blog?” You may have wondered.

My fellow friends, I am writing this post so we can talk more about mental health and help each other.

Mental health means different to everyone. It depends on a person’s experience.

Discussing mental health can be scary. But taking the first step to talk about it is absolutely worth it.

Why I said ‘scary’ because I honestly do not have people around me talk about it. “What are you doing this weekend” is often asked rather than “Are you doing okay?” and “We can talk”

It has been 2 years and I realized a pattern.

Since the past 2 years, I had began to overthink, cry endlessly because something had happened, and had felt anxiety very differently than I had felt before.

I am not sure if my mind was affected by some illness, as I never sought help from a professional. I felt dark, stuck and frustrated. What kept me going was the hope that I will stop to feel like this and live a normal life again.

What I did to feel better:

Eat healthy
Be nice to people and also to myself
Putting my mental health first

However, all of the above helped me to some extent and momentarily.

Being surrounded by the ones who genuinely love me, was the one of the first times I felt light. I felt liberated. I would forget about all of my problems. I felt at ease.

For me, figuring out my mental state, understanding myself, finding what’s good for me, is a journey.. a journey of unlearning old things, learning new things and loving myself.

It is not easy. But it is easy if someone accepts you the way you are. It starts with you... if you want to talk… Let us talk about it here!

And please tell me how you have been, because after all, this is a happy place.