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5 Healthy Habits I Adopted

Hello Beautiful Souls. Gorgeous Humans. I hope you are doing good! Happy Winters!

Well, it is not so cold yet here in my city, but I can sure speak for your cities! The fact that it is November now, tells us that time flies, and so let us embrace time by taking care of ourselves and being happy!

I have been talking about the changes that have happened in my life in the past few months, and today, I am excited to share with you few healthy habits I have adopted in my lifestyle! Please let me know if you tried to adopt these habits too. We can have a great conversation over this!

1. Little to No Sugar:

Avoid Sugar

Having been the kid who used to consume 4 spoons of sugar in almost all drinks, I now understand what is healthier for my body and ensure that I take little to no sugar. I have been doing that since a year, however, it’s only recently that it has become a habit.

2. 10 mins of workout:

10 mins of workout

I came across 2 videos on Youtube: Exercises for Flat Stomach & Ab Exercises and I have been doing them almost regularly. It is making a difference as my body has toned up. I found out that these videos have worked for me. In case you wish to start working out, try to understand which video you think suits you the most! And enjoy the process.

3. Avoiding Deep fried food items

Deep fry 1

In India, we have got various deep fried food items, some of which I find quite delicious. (see: Samosa). However, I told myself to take control of my eating, especially the deep fried food items. I already know they are not always healthy to eat, and hence I made a decision to cut down on my consumption. Thanks to the people around me, I have been successfully doing that.

4. Taking in more nutrients

Take in the nutrients 1

I am going to thank my flatmates again, it is them who are always trying to make sure that they meet the nutrients requirements for their bodies. I consume eggs  and milk almost daily. Since I turned vegetarian (I eat eggs) about 11 months ago, I realized that I must consume certain foods in order to get the required nutrients. Although I am yet to learn a lot more about nutrition, it feels nice to be aware of our basic body needs.

5. Drinking enough Water

consuming water 2

I had always known this to be a healthy habit, but was never able to adopt it! It is simple, yet it took me quite long to implement it in my daily routine. I do not always have enough water (2 liters) everyday, however I try to have as much water as I can. I have also started taking green tea. The taste isn’t so pleasing for me, but it does feel refreshing!

I am also making efforts to include fruits in my diet. I generally do not like having fruits, however I feel they are too important to ignore. My favorite fruits are pomegranate and bananas. Let me know about yours.

I hope you found this post helpful. Writing this post has helped me become more confident and aware of my choices and will let me continue to practice these habits, and also begin to adopt new ones. 

Comment below, let’s have a supportive chat 🙂



23 thoughts on “5 Healthy Habits I Adopted

  1. You said it Bhavana. This is indeed the need of the day for each one of us. I do my bit by avoiding sugar and fried stuff . I keep a reminder on my phone for my water intake. Water does wonders to your skin and body. Thanks for sharing such happy and positive Habits.. 🤗

  2. That’s a nice post Bhawna! I love to gorge on fruits and don’t take sugar. And of course the workout part and everything you mentioned is absolutely accurate. Moreover, it’s nice to know that everyone is trying their bit to be healthy as that’s the key to be fit and happy💗

    1. Hello Navneet, thank you so much!! Yes, it feels great to see so many people trying to make healthy choices in their lifestyle. Kudos to you for not consuming sugar and being healthy. More power to you. 🙂

  3. These are some similar habits to ones I’ve adopted though I will say I love love love fruit. If you can, try adding a little raw honey to your green tea. Makes a huge diference

    1. Awww, that is really good. I used to like apples, but over the past few years, I somehow do not enjoy them as much as I used to during childhood. I still have to have them as they are good for health. I am lad you love them.

      1. 🙂🙂🙂 maybe you just had too many apples that’s why you stopped enjoying them. Where are live, apples are rare and so we treasure every moment we get to have them.

  4. Great choices you’ve made. It’s hard to curb old habits but when we think of the potential benefits to be gained from creating new habits it is definitely worth a try. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day. Best wishes to you on this journey of a better and healthier you.

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