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Let’s Chat :) My thoughts recently

Dear all! I know I always do this: I take a month’s break and come back with a new post that says ‘Finally I am back and I am so excited to post on my blog regularly.

Well, today, I felt that I needed to share my thoughts, opinions and aspirations with you all. And also get to know your thoughts, opinions and aspirations from you! Sometimes, it is good to share these with yourself, and your closed ones. However, there might be times, when you do not share them with anyone, and would wish to put them up somewhere you think you will get a different perspective from. And a blog post is what I thought would work amazingly, today.

Wartching YouTube Videos

I recently have been watching YouTube videos, as I myself am working on my channel! The ones that inspired me the most were by women who are making videos to help others get better, happier and healthier. I always used to think, the videos that got successful were the ones that were entertaining or funny. But I learned more. These women worked their up, and are now independently staying in apartments.

Kalyn Nicholson 2
YouTuber’s Name: Kalyn Nicholson                    (she has fashion related videos too)


Kalyn Nicholson
Kalyn stays with her dog


Sure, they may have faced challenges, or they still are, but watching their beautiful videos make me want to create something along those lines. I have been dreaming really big lately, and I wish to accomplish them. I have begun vlogging and have few recordings that I shall edit and put up on my channel, however, as I plan to publish new videos every week, I am working on how I will schedule to pre- record and edit my videos. I really enjoy spreading happiness! And why I like creating videos is that it can be a great, impactful way to help someone get better.

Me posing with my tripod!

I recently quit my second job. That means 2 jobs in 2 years. I wish to work at a workplace that gives me respect. I am looking for good energy around me. It’s true, your work satisfaction is so much about the people you work with. I am tapping on freelancing, though I am still figuring out what I really want to do. I am now at a place where my life is (almost) in my hands. That may be personal information, but I felt this blog would be a proper place to post it, as this platform has supportive people like you!

My learnings recently:

  1. Cut out as much negative energy as you can: There were people who demotivated and disrespected me. I tried to hold on and ignore it, but one day, I made a decision to get out of that whole situation. Sometimes, it’s important
  2. Take care of yourself: Mentally and physically. Be safe and happy
  3.  Trust your instincts: As long as you are not harming anyone (which in most cases you are not), do things that you love. In March, I had stopped writing blog posts and making YouTube videos because a person asked me to ‘be realistic about career decisions’ 
  4. Be grateful: Life is really made up of days. Be grateful. If there is nothing to be grateful for, hey, visit and we can chat! So we will be grateful to have each other to share our voices with


All of us have times when we learn great things, and blogosphere is here to share them with one another. Let us comment below, what we have learned from such times, happy, sad, exciting, low, – all of them. Let us help and support someone, to beat anxiety and feel better.

Are you with me?



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When I celebrated my birthday by Spreading Smiles!

Who cares: It’s been almost 4 months since my birthday.

What I did on birthday: Oh yes, you ought to know!

My birthday was on a Friday and I took a sick leave from office (of course). The most happiest thing for me to do that day was – to do something that makes my heart race and excites me – Vlogging. As I had always wanted to do this – hand over cut outs of smileys to people I meet in the park and making them smile, I decided to do that. 8:30 am, the phone watch read. Not knowing if the park would be open that moment, I quickly changed into my top and jeans, took my phone to record, and rushed to the nearest park next to my home.


Outside my house

As I walked through the beautiful lanes of my neighborhood, I shot the scenes with my phone, so I would include these clips to make my video look beautiful. While shooting, though, a rickshaw just honks, and it suddenly occurred to me that it was asking me to make space for it to move ahead (please always make sure you walk safely while shooting). After I finally approach the entrance of the park, I hoped that I could find people in there. I entered and experienced the extreme heat on my skin and felt my hair wet in sweat. Ah! I see few people there. It took me few moments to encourage myself to do what I came here to do.

Park collage

To get comfortable, I began to walk around in few circles, until I decided to stop, and turn around. I see three aunties (meaning: ladies) approaching me.
I say: ‘Hey! It is my birthday today’.
Them: ‘Happy Birthday!’
Me: I thought of doing something special today, so I am giving out these cut outs of smilies to spread happiness’.
Them: That’s very sweet!

One of the ladies stayed back and following my request to record her, said a few words on how she felt. She then walked ahead and joined the other aunties. I looked around, and saw an uncle sitting on a chair. I happily walked towards him, feeling grateful about already having met people who took my smilies. The uncle and I were having a good conversation for quite a while, about both of our lives. I later realized that him and the lady who I met earlier are a married couple! How nice. They were extremely delighted by my gesture of celebrating my birthday – so they offered me to join them for breakfast at their house!

They offered me breakfast

Never had I felt so rewarded and grateful for something I had decided to do, than I did at this moment. I am glad I stepped out of the house, and spent my time exactly the way I wished to.

In the lift.. going out

I returned home, feeling refreshed, and wondering where I could spend the evening. My Mom and I decided to head to Tea Villa Cafe. I truly am fond of the vibe of that, the friendly staff, and of course the food that they serve!

Tea villa collage

Dinner food 1

My Mom gave me a birthday cake after we headed back home. My Dad, Mom and I enjoyed the cake cutting ceremony and I came to my room and concluded this beautiful birthday with a beautiful mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. I want to know from you! How do you celebrate birthdays? Is there a tradition you follow every year? Have your thoughts changed about birthdays? Do you get excited for birthdays like a kid? Do you feel something different about birthdays? Please comment below so that all of us can share our feelings, and discuss here. 

Stay Happy and Take Care!

Do watch my Youtube video to see how my day went about!

Hi, my name is Bhavana and I love to meet people, have new experiences and share them with you! Join in and get ‘Happening to be Happy’!

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