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When I choose to Change

It has been 46 days and you may be wondering what Bhavana is upto. Although I generally post once every 30 days, I feel as if I am making a comeback. And I am glad this comeback has come along with its new experiences, better thoughts, and significant changes.

The Secret
I am grateful that I read this book

I recently finished to read a book named ‘The Secret’. I remembered my schoolmates bringing this book to class. I was given this book last week by my cousin brother who stays in Mumbai, too. Never have I ever finished a book so fast, as I did with this one.

The book was an easy read, sure. But what really made it so easy for me to read it was how it made me feel, page after page. I did not quite agree with certain parts of the book, however I did feel my thoughts to change. I began to focus on the positive, and it reaffirmed my belief in choosing to give my energy to the right place.Diary 1

Simply love making ‘to do lists’; it helps me to be productive

I had made lot of plans a few months back; I accomplished some, and others are kept in the form of ink in between the pages, that are being worked on. I am very glad that I have taken my life seriously in the past year than I ever have in my life, and I have just begun. Like all years in my life, this year I learnt and began acting on quite a lot of things that I want to share with my WordPress friends!

The energy around you has the power to help you achieve things. Since years, when I decided to exercise, I would stop a few days later. For the first time ever, I am now able to follow of a routine of regular exercise after I come back from work. All I did to get started was buy a yoga mat from a shop with my Dad back at home, and when I came back here, I couldn’t contain my excitement to start working out. What inspired me was the infectious energy and dedication that my flatmates had. Them being always aware of what they are eating, motivated me to be conscious of my health. My body is now getting toned up, and I am making much better healthy lifestyle changes.Food 1

For Breakfast today: Lightly fried Poha (flattened rice) with a cup of Green Tea

I used to be the kid who would add 4 spoons of sugar in almost beverages. I had never thought that today, I will have the courage to almost completely cut down on sugar and also deep fried food items. I am definitely proud of myself.

I recently got a tripod and few necessary equipment to record videos, as I love talking to the camera and sharing my stories. I am fascinated by the power that blogs and videos posses, to empower others across the world and make a significant impact.

Me 2

Had to capture these beautiful flowers outside a hotel in Meghalaya, India

I have also been feeling grateful for what I have, now. Saying ‘thank you’ and being happy for having to feel and experience simple joys is something I have started to do, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Certainly, there are few things in life that I have been wanting to change, however, rather than giving my energy to what I don’t want, I want to focus on what I do wish to have. This has helped me in feeling a lot better and also in handling different situations.

We are a community of 146 friends, and I believe, a Meet and Greet post will be a great idea to connect with each other! Please say hi, I am extremely excited to know how you are doing. Stay Happy.


Hi, my name is Bhavana and I love to meet people, have new experiences and share them with you! Join in and get ‘Happening to be Happy’!

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