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My Learnings in Life, in Pictures and a Poem

When I was a baby girl,
I loved the love
I got from the world
And looked forward to being a lady

When I was a Baby

I remember I was five years old,

I wanted to play and run and never get bored

Celebrating my tenth birthday,
sitting on my father’s lap
with cake all over my face,
without a worry about the adolescent days

Ten years, child

Since I turned Sixteen,
I sensed
Not all birthdays have to be perfect and the best

The time I turned Twenty, I thought
twenty years are too short
to face

and sometimes

more than a twenty year old can

College Days

The transition from
twenty to twenty four
happened way too fast,

Which led me to wonder,

how long our dreams were
to last
And soon enough
I learnt the art

of Gratitude, Giving
and Getting

to choose myself first, to make sense of things around me,


To understand and accept

that I AM my age,

and there’s no shame,

Finally out of the cage
created by opinions
of others

on my life, my choices, and my aspirations

To be who I love to be, to be where I wish to be,

Gracing the gift I am given

And calling this gift the Beautiful Present,

Where I

always learn to
forgive myself,

always learn to
love myself

Where I am smarter, better, and 

Happening to be happy


I want to know, if you have ever taken the time to think about how you live your precious life – and what do you think about living your life on your terms and following your passion.

Hi, my name is Bhavana and I love to meet people, have new experiences and share them with you! Join in and get Happening to be Happy!

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