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How Happy I Feel Here

Sitting in front of our HCL computer at home, feeling the need to write down my thoughts to inspire others, I wrote very my first post on back in 2012, that spoke about how I overcame/was overcoming depression. I was in high school. The post received positive responses from my friends with whom I had shared, and my sister. I almost wrote my second post, saved it as a draft, and now I notice that I had deleted it. I did continue to keep coming back continuously only to see how my profile looks to other people. And that is all.

4 years later, I sat in front of my laptop, feeling the need to write down my thoughts to inspire others. I write my first post, not quite certain if someone would notice my blog. I had 3 followers! My sister – who I think followed me few years back when she had written a post, My mother – who does not know she’s following me because I logged into her account and followed myself, and the third – Myself. I was Happy.

As I wrote my first post, I wondered who would stumble upon my blog and read my post. I of course was unaware of First Friday and Community Posts. And then one day, I receive a notification that someone who I do not know completely, from another corner of the world, has liked my post and followed my blog. I WAS OVERJOYED. I was over the moon. That is the moment I realized that my blog does offer value, and I must continue to grow it.


Today, as I share this platform with 113 of you beautiful souls, I feel the need to look back and appreciate the fact that I have come so far. My posts have communicated the beauty of being in the present, and I must follow what I preach! I do take the moment to live the moment.

Why to always wait for that cherry when you can still smile and celebrate over having baked the cake?
Why not, for once, stop and smell the roses?

With this attitude, I aim to make my blog big, that offers even bigger value to whoever reading it. I want to nurture it like a baby, as it has given me happiness when almost nothing was going right – I had quit my job and come to Mumbai, I did not get accepted to the college I had applied to and I was figuring out my life.

Happening to be Happy felt to be a blessing in my life, a support system that I was probably searching for, and a family with whom I could learn, share and grow!


I want you to take a moment and appreciate where you are, or start to believe in how much you will do, and applaud your efforts!

Can we, today, be grateful to ourselves and to those who love us?
Can we, today, put down our thoughts and show gratitude for what we have?
Can we, today, realize our power to create ourselves to be where we want to be?

Because we can will. 


12 thoughts on “How Happy I Feel Here

  1. Oh, Such beautiful written words coming straight from your hear Bhavana…It felt like seeing a mirror and reading my own story…the only difference being that I started writing in the December of 2016 and WordPress was my second blogging site but the truth remains that I have not been able to get people to read my blogs on WordPress. I don’t know where I am going wrong. Why I have no traffic . Why No views. it pulls me down on few days..and on other days I get to read such an inspiring blog that makes me want to go on… thanks for writing this one …😃

    1. Hey Preeti! So great to hear from you! I am very happy that our stories are so similar and connected! I am not sure if you know about this, there are discussion forums, challenges, contests, community forums on The Daily Post (Do follow them on like ‘First Friday’ – generally for bloggers who have recently began blogging, or completely new, and are looking for friends! There’s another post that says ‘Community Pool’ where bloggers who have been blogging since about 4 months or so, comment and share their blog and interact with other fellow bloggers! I felt it to be a great, helpful platform to grow your blog. Also, do appreciate other people’s blogs by commenting or/and following them, if you happen to like it! This is how I have been doing it, it is a great chance for us to know one another 🙂 They have these kind of posts once every week.
      I deeply appreciate efforts of us as bloggers who write down their thoughts and share them with the world. We are here to always support one another. Stay strong and happy!

      1. Hi Bhavana, Really appreciate your time and response on this . In fact, I have tried doing all of the above .. I did a short 2 week course on blogging basics from WordPress.. I am following ‘First Friday’ and ‘Community Pool’ and add them as tags to my blogs. But I think I mite be going wrong somewhere and I am utterly confuse about the categories & tags – whether to add a category or to keep it uncategorised and which tags which fetch my reviews on my blogs ? ! How does the category bit help ? Why my blogs don’t get any views ? I do like/follow and appreciate blogs which I like. So things have kinda slowed down for me here.

        Thanks 😃

  2. Hey Preeti, it is okay 🙂 I understand. I believe we need to continue to create content on our blogs, and keep looking ahead. I suggest you comment on the ‘Community Pool’ and ‘First Friday’ posts every week. Also, as a fellow blogger recently suggested to me, I should add more tags, specifically relevant ones, to get more readers to read my blog. I still do not have much knowledge about tags, I will most definitely share with you, once I get a clearer idea of it. For categories, I suggest you do not leave it uncategorized. Categories are for readers to refer to, when they visit our blogs. If they wish to read posts relating to a specific category, they can choose it right at the beginning (in the drop down menu), and it will be easier for them to connect to our posts! Please let me know if you need more clarity on this, I will be always be ready to help you with all the information I have. Also, you can connect with me through a contact form that is available on our website, in case you wish to personally message me. I believe it will be a great platform for both of us to help each other grow as bloggers. I truly appreciate the fact you are discussing your blog here. Here’s wishing you all the happiness. Tale care, have a great week ahead!

  3. Such a positive post this was! It made me smile throughout,this kind of positivity is so rarely seen in today’s hate filled world! I can relate to your reaction to your first blog like so much because to me it was absolutely astounding that someone so far away had liked something I wrote! Keep blogging away! 😊

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