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There is Something Serene about Sunrises

5 A.M. : ‘Alright! So we have had lots of drinks and danced all night long, it’s almost morning, time to go to sleep!’

–  That was me as a college student, about 2 years back.

5 A. M. : ‘I am proud of myself! I got up early to experience the tranquility of this beautiful dawn, and I am so fortunate to soak up the beauty of this sunshine, along with the positivity that it brings as the sun rises.

–  That is the present me, striving to experience all the lovely sunrises on this earth, and make the most of them.

And when I do get up at 5 A.M,  I meditate, look around in awe at how calm it actually is. Sometimes, I grab my diary to write down my thoughts, or sometimes, wear my sports shoes that I’d bought 3 years back, that I’d planned to use regularly for running but, well. I would then open the video from Fitness Blender showing how to workout in 37 minutes, or I would simply sit on my bed, and bask in the glory of having successfully been up this early, and enjoy the moment.

‘Why is this girl crazy about sunrises?’ You would wonder. I was inspired by one of Robin Sharma’s videos where he talks about how getting up early has the potential to transform your life. I will be very honest here, I have not yet reached that point of being organized, doing things as planned, or even having a regular sleep pattern. But for the times I did successfully have, I have reached my greatest potential, I have challenged my mind to think out of the box, and this is when I also first thought to begin my very own blog – Happening to be Happy. 

But it does take me real effort to sleep and wake up on time. It is funny because I generally do not do anything productive as I get back home from office, at around 7:30 PM. My friends from different countries – you may be surprised to know that back here in India, we do not always leave our offices on time.  And the main reason why I struggle to hit the bed is that element of life, which has influenced almost every age group, race, culture today – Social media.

The diary I own – I call it my own – Dreams, Thoughts, Ideas – All that are my own

As I share this post, I only wish that we empower each other by our own stories. Have you, like me, taken efforts to rise up early? If yes, I would love for you to comment here, or tell us how you feel about early mornings, sleep routines and how it may affect our lifestyles.

Let us connect by creating a caring community!


27 thoughts on “There is Something Serene about Sunrises

    1. Hey Princess Writer! it is great to share your blog! You have written a very welcoming and friendly message on your blog! ‘The Humble Planet’ comes across as a very positive name. I love it! I am waiting for your posts!

      1. also, you may not know, that there is a blog of The Daily Post, where there are challenges, contests, community forums where you can post the link of your blog, and look at other comments from various other bloggers! https://dailypost.wordpress.com/
        Now, post that says ‘First Friday’ is generally for bloggers who have recently began blogging, or completely new, and are looking for friends! There’s another post that says ‘Community Pool’ where bloggers who have been blogging since about 4 months or so, comment and share their blog and interact with other fellow bloggers! I felt it to be a great, helpful platform to grow your blog. Also, do appreciate other people’s blogs by commenting or/and following them, if you happen to like it! This is how I have been doing it, it is a great chance for us to know one another 🙂 They have these kind of posts once every week. Take care!

    1. Aww! That is so wonderful. Perhaps he can write a post and share how he feels to see the sunrise! I am waiting for you to experience it once and share your feelings! Have a great week ahead!

      1. Haha he is not a fan of blog. But he loves taking pics of sunrise and sunset 😍 he is crazyyy. Our vacations are turned into taking the perfect sunset.

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