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Why I Volunteer for what is Worthy

If you look around closely enough, you have the possibility to see few individuals who are striving to make this world a better place. While things happening around the globe today may look ugly most of the times, it is those people who are doing their work of ensuring a better day tomorrow.

Your friends may often say they are busy, and do not find the time to volunteer. The real question is, do they even want to? Giving a time of the week or month is completely an individual’s choice. What they do with their free time totally depends on their wish. But today, as I share this post  with you, we need one another to come out and participate in the change; to make an effort and contribute to this movement. To take sometime out of our busy schedules.

The thought to help someone struck my mind when I could not see myself wasting time at home. I began to google the NGOs that support the cause I honestly believe in, applied on their websites, and went for the orientation. The moment I stepped my foot in the slums, experience the ground work that is required, is when I understood the situation there.

The kids getting excited to see a smartphone camera!

I also learnt that the kids are willing to study and grow, what is really stopping them is not having someone to speak with. They want to experience different hobbies, and meet new people, just like we do.

Imagine- how much of difference you could make, if you enter their lives and give them that needed push for them to move forward. Think, how much of an impact you could help create, if you offer support to a man/woman who has lost so much, but is only looking for a comforting conversation.

07:20 AM: I choose to help someone over sleeping in

What if, the greatest problems in the world are waiting for us to solve them, in our small, simple ways. 

I urge you simply look around for the opportunities, where you can offer positivity to someone needing it,

I urge you to simply take a step towards solving the issues that we complain about everyday,

I urge you to understand that I am another blogger, urging others to volunteer for what is worthy.

I want to know, if you have volunteered before/ are volunteering, or began someday and left it off, I would love to hear all of your stories!






By Bhavana Jha

Excited, enthralled and enthused to kick start my journey on WordPress!

17 replies on “Why I Volunteer for what is Worthy”

The greatest problems have simplest solutions. All we need to do is to take a step ahead. Volunteering for some social cause can really make a difference in the world, not fast enough but eventually.
Anyways I am glad to read your post. You have courage to help others. That’s something you should be proud of.

Very inspiring Bhavana! I honestly have not volunteered in that capacity before but I will look into it. If I could help someone other than the people closest to me I would have really impacted the world in a more positive way. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Hey Cherylene! Thank you for your powerful comment! I am so glad that you consider about helping someone out there in need. It is a great first step. I wish you all the happiness in your journey, I am looking forward to reading your stories about your journey. Take care!

I adore this! Volunteering is so important and I haven’t been able to do as much as I would like. Posts like these are a great way to create a wake-up call. Give that final push to those who are thinking about volunteering. For my Community Psychology class, we had to have 30 hours of volunteering, I ended up getting in over 100 hours. I worked at a Teen Center. It was a hangout for teenagers. A safe place to be with friends. They were such great kids who were open with each other. The owner was amazing with them. He was an adult who wasn’t a parent that the teens could go to for advice. The looked up to him and he guided them in the right direction. He was there when they went off track and was just a great friend to them. It felt great to be able to support such a valuable resource to the community. I will definitely be volunteering in the future.

Hye Chelsea! Thank you for sharing a great and powerful story! It makes me so glad that we are all making efforts to improve the lives of others. All of us should pat ourselves on the back, and feel proud that we create a ripple effect of positive change, that we hope will go a long, long way! Take care.

Hey! Yes, you are absolutely right! I am planning on creating a platform for people to share how they are making a difference in their own spaces, in different situations, and in their own ways.

You have a heart of gold, Bhavana, and you are a true inspiration! I wish there were more people like you who can see that the world needs them. I’d love to read more about your experience as a volunteer, your causes and places you’ve been!

I enjoyed reading your passion to contribute to a better world! Sometimes all it takes is a decision to get out there and volunteer.

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