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What staying at a Paying Guest felt like

Basic, Bland, Boring.

This is how most of you may perceive a paying guest as. But you’re wrong.

Staying away from your carefree home gives you the wings to be independent and a peak to sharpen your thoughts. The funny and the furious, the calm and the confused, the loving and the laid back – you will get to meet all of these people, and each one of them has a lesson to offer. Needless to say, you are going to have a great time at this unknown place – that is soon going to be your world of wonder.

I was in college when I was sharing a room with three other girls. Although there are too many challenges to choose from, the toughest one was to find a Tiffin caterer. Oh! Take me to a safe place of cheap and healthy food! But the food we ate never tended to take a toll on our health – for we were constantly doing most of our work – wash clothes, .. Oh well, almost forget to mention that this pg was one of the most well known and well maintained ones in the area, and we had to pay a high rent. In my case, my father did. Hence we never really suffered much – except for sticking to rules (one must reach pg before 10 pm) and of course, dealing with the drama. Luckily, all of the work and stress helped us manage our weight!

To be put
One of those rare days when we ordered food from outside!

I was a jolly person – always ready to make new friends. We partied in our rooms, went out sometimes, while also considering that we have got limited money. While it’s true that our families would have supported us when we were broke, but honestly- we didn’t want to repeatedly ask for money. Staying under one roof together, we learnt that it is normal to be confused, it is normal to have weird routines, it is normal to be yourself. We found ourselves seeking help and advice from one another, taking care of each other – for we realized that we were each others’ support and family, away from our families back at home.

Our corridor decorated during the famous Indian festival – Diwali

It had been almost 3 years and now it was my final year of college! Unexpectedly, I’d fallen into a cold war with one of my roommates. I remained calm and composed, thinking that I just had 5 more months to stay and then finally move into a flat and start working. You may have thought I would feel low at the thought of moving out, but in all honesty – I was glad it was over.

To be put
Messages from my roommates, forever engraved in my mind and soul

Today, as I write this after a long year and a half, I sense the breeze of memories filling up my heart, that coupled with a series of moments flashing past my eyes, making me aware of how strong we all had been to survive that stage and take control of our actions.


It is not all rosy and brightening, but it’s neither too dark and frightening. What you need is a 
supportive network around you.

A Hostel, a Paying guest, or a Flat of your own – They all support in your growth and uplift your grit; for they will always be one of those reasons why you are how you are today.

I want to know, if you have ever stayed away from home, and how it helped you expand your mind. Let us connect!

By Bhavana Jha

Excited, enthralled and enthused to kick start my journey on WordPress!

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