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Valentine Week : A Chance To Cherish Your Own Self

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” – Oscar Wilde.

Loving others is a good thing, but loving yourself is the best thing. This week, take this post as a pleasant breeze and let it make you look after yourself. I have made the greatest decision to place my own happiness as the first priority. This is how I have been doing it: 

1. Listen to myself

Listening to what I have to say to myself and trying to understand why. I maintain a diary specifically to write down all my ideas, opinions, thoughts and dreams. I also write down all the questions, the answers of which I strive to seek. You may also maintain them in a Google Docs/Google Sheets (synced to your personal account), as you will never loose them.

2. Make sense of what I do

Whether I am eating an unhealthy snack, or just behaved rudely with someone, it is important to let myself know it and learn from it. I suggest you to write down in your diary; I have not tried it yet, I am sure it helps. 

3. Passion over Fashion

Since the time I have begun writing down my thoughts and aspirations, it has brought about immense clarity into how I wish to live. To my surprise, I sensed something that I never I would; my ideas of living were different from what everyone around me was doing. I urge you to stand up for yourself, and create your runway and not get carried away by the crowd. 

4. Surprise myself

As I note down my mistakes I made in the past and ensure not to repeat them, I confidently put down my accomplishments till date, and pat myself in the back. It is good to reward yourself and get surprised by doing little things that you enjoy – going out for a walk, joining a productive social group, learning through a course, or breaking the ice by talking to someone and making their day. 

While I am excited to share more and more ways to cherish yourself in the future posts, and I believe you deserve to know these 4 simple ways to start making yourself feel loved, by yourself. Wishing you a healthy, happening and happy Valentine week!

Cherish Yourself

Happening to be Happy is a movement that I define to be a way to make your own happiness goals and associated to it, is a strong belief that with all of us in it together – it is possible. 


9 thoughts on “Valentine Week : A Chance To Cherish Your Own Self

  1. Thank you so much for this! As a singleton, I sometimes dread Valentines Day in the way some people dread Christmas. It’s lovely to hear a reassuring, positive voice.

    “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present.”

    That’s the advice of Special Agent Dale Cooper in the TV show Twin Peaks. I often forget, but you have reminded me.

    Be sure to give yourself a present every day.

  2. Hello Bhavana,
    Thank you for writing this article. Many of us overlook the importance of cherishing and loving ourselves. The benefits of this could help us avoid so much heartache. It is time to focus more of our energy into making ourselves happier. Start small but start today 🙂

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