You’re Beautiful

Hello, you. Do you remember the time when someone made you feel that you do not look good enough? Or the number of times you yourself have wondered how your body and face is different than that of others? We have all been there.   

No? Wow, you are lucky, congratulations.

Now for all of you who have been in the same boat as I was, let me make your day. Some of you may have been called beautiful, some of you may not have. But guess what, being beautiful has really got nothing to do with how you appear to be. 

What is beautiful? It is to : 

Be honest with your feelings: Being honest with your thoughts and dreams is beautiful in itself. It is now time for you to smile!

Have a beautiful soul: Well, let me explain to you – You make an effort to be smart, real and responsible.

Know what is right for you and work towards it: Being brave enough to follow your passion and working towards it makes you beyond beautiful.

More solutions, Less complaints: While you often see people around you complaining and cribbing, you instead focus on what can be done. 

There, I said it.

Rejoice and relax. You deserve all the appreciation. As you work hard to make yourself happy while maintaining a respectful atmosphere around, you deserve happiness. 

If you happen to connect with what I wrote, do not forget to watch my video, that again makes you feel beautiful and happy. If you enjoy my channel, subscribe and help me spread joy to everyone!


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