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Being Happy, the Smarter Way

‘We are all designed to be unsatisfied, and that is why we see people never completely happy with their lives. Since we are made to embrace the past, we wish for the good old days to come back. We are made to always hope for the good, so we continue to dream of better days in the future. Therefore we never really understand the true essence of presence and the happiness that comes with it.’ – Research says.

Sadly true, this statement got me thinking deeply about the subject of happiness. There is always a way to make things work your way, and then there is always a ‘smarter’ way to make it happen. In the fast paced and complex world that we live in, there is a need to be smart and safe, as we set for our ways. Our world is huge, with different kinds of people in it. When I say ‘being happy the smart way’, there is no need to compromise on any of your happiness; it is the way you work towards it. Because Happiness is a serious business!

Just like you create a plan to prepare for your exams, or a job interview, or any other important task, your happiness deserves the same intensity and attention. People will often tell you, ‘That is how life is. Everybody suffers. You have to live with it.’ They are partially right. But we do not have to suffer. We do not deserve to suffer. How many times have you encountered a person that is mentally ill but is not yet attended to as required? Yes because, let us be honest, we are not aware of a certain way to approach them. But they need our help, in some way, and very soon. I was recently listening to a behavioral scientist – Anand Damani, on radio talking about how certain things affect our daily activities, and life. The more you learn, the more you grow.

Being responsible, rational and real is what will keep us going. Ensuring our happiness, and also spreading happiness in the right sense. I write this because I personally know and have met people who are unable to keep themselves safe and happy; and I am finding ways how I can help them. I wish to do this together, through a group, or a knowledge sharing conversation. I am sure you have felt this way at least once in your life. If yes, do comment and share your views.

On a lighter note, I will launch my Youtube channel in the upcoming week. More about it on the next post! Stay Tuned.


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