24 hours – Too less, you say?

In a hotel where I was getting trained back in 2013, I remembered the words said by the Training Manager there – ‘The only thing that is common among all of us is.. TIME. All of us have got 24 hours in a day. It is what we do in  a day that makes us different.’ Isn’t that one of the best eye openers of all?

I look to my left, I see someone who is so busy that he does not seem to have time to do anything else apart from work. I look to my right, I see someone who may have the time, but does not realize when he really has time, and tends to get lost. But most of all, we see people wasting their time, when they really have the time – The present.

For a person like me, who travels by bus everyday for almost one hour one way, knows what I am talking about. Just listening to songs do not entertain me anymore. So often I feel the urge to look at the person sitting next to me, and ask how their day was. I wish to make the most of the one hour that I am sitting in the bus, and making it count. Sometimes, it is just better to start now, rather than dreaming about the things we have been wishing to do.

I have been immensely inspired by one of the bestseller authors – Robin Sharma – he says ‘Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now‘. I think these lines have pushed me to make changes in my daily life. I am sure, you too vision things that you wish to accomplish. I say, simply take that step. You will begin to create your magic. Believe me.

Going forward, I wish to share with you, all that I have changed in my lifestyle, for the better. I know you too are striving to be better, happier and stronger everyday! I want to listen to your story. Let’s get going!



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