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Let Us Take A Moment To Live The Moment

‘What are you plans for the night? What dress are you wearing? You are off work on 31st, aren’t you? Why are you not losing yourself on 31st night?’

It is easier than anything else to get swayed by people pushing you to get excited for that one night. Well, every year, you must have wondered after waking up on 1st January – ‘I do not remember what happened – but anyway, let us get back to life and face the face of the next year‘.

^ I write this on 31st morning, feeling great about not drinking and rather working on my blog. But, it did not go as planned – my family and I went for dinner arranged by our society – and of course, drank. I danced the night away and felt good doing so after six long months of staying at home. Have you ever felt content even after things don’t go as planned, for good? Yes, sometimes.

As you may have always read in my blog, I believe that we are all equal with equal amount of opportunities and problems. Thus, for all of us, 2016 was a year full of learning new things, learning how to take care of yourself and your surroundings, and being a being a better person. We often hear people say ‘Oh my god, it is already May! Just 7 months to go and it’s the next year‘. While how great it would be to hear -‘Today is the day that I would love to cherish and make the most of it‘.

Rushing through the day and constantly waiting for the next moment does not let us live in the moment. But as the ‘busy’ people that we are, our priorities should be set straight. Doing what you love, and what is important to you. And that calls for time management. This year, I am aiming to get skilled at managing my time, doing more of what I love and writing my thoughts down.


Dreaming bigger and bigger, and better. Less of listening to radio music, and more of informative podcasts. Writing down my plan on how I wish to go about accomplishing my dreams. Getting more focused on WordPress, letting you wonderful readers know my story and learn about your great stories.

Not just getting excited for what lies ahead of me, but more importantly feeling the fragrance of this moment –  working for it, loving it and living it.


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