See You On YouTube!

Namaste Bloggers! As I hear the traffic noise and approach my office, there is always one thing that surrounds my mind for most of the time – making myself and you guys happy. I believe I have a good control in front of camera and thus I will share my ideas of happiness with you!… Continue reading See You On YouTube!

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Being Happy, the Smarter Way

‘We are all designed to be unsatisfied, and that is why we see people never completely happy with their lives. Since we are made to embrace the past, we wish for the good old days to come back. We are made to always hope for the good, so we continue to dream of better days… Continue reading Being Happy, the Smarter Way


24 hours – Too less, you say?

In a hotel where I was getting trained back in 2013, I remembered the words said by the Training Manager there – ‘The only thing that is common among all of us is.. TIME. All of us have got 24 hours in a day. It is what we do in  a day that makes us… Continue reading 24 hours – Too less, you say?

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Let Us Take A Moment To Live The Moment

‘What are you plans for the night? What dress are you wearing? You are off work on 31st, aren’t you? Why are you not losing yourself on 31st night?’ It is easier than anything else to get swayed by people pushing you to get excited for that one night. Well, every year, you must have… Continue reading Let Us Take A Moment To Live The Moment