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Is Happiness A Continuous Quest?

If you happen to read this, you were born beautiful. You were born as a flower bud ready to blossom to its boundless boundaries. Your path to blossom, a.k.a. childhood, may have been playful or pitiful, but you were strong, so strong so you can read and relate this story to your own life and my life and all of our lives.

Back to blossoming.

You saw yourself getting inclined towards an interest. You think this is what makes you happy. Running, Singing, Cracking Jokes, Getting clicked.. it goes on and on. And so does your life. What happens next is one of our lives’ most puzzling riddles – School. Birthdays are fun filled days because you get to wear your favorite casual clothes! Lunch breaks are fun because home made food! But what is it that is going on in between? Studies, oh well. Studies is an integral part of life and essential for your growth. It starts making sense and you do develop an interest. Until one day, when you begin to realize you are in a trap. The realization can strike when you’re in higher secondary, it can be during college, it can even be when you are over with studies. You are not happy.

You work very hard. To get the job you believed will make you happy. To get the college you believed that will finally settle things at once. Let me burst your bubble, because things never settle at once. For flowers, they never stop to grow to look the most beautiful. The moon, never stops to shine to look its brightest. We, as humans, unconsciously hurt ourselves everyday, constantly waiting for the day of our lives. And that day never really comes, because it is already there with us – today.

You already knew it. Yes, YOU ARE making efforts to make everyday count. YOU DO BELIEVE in making the journey more meaningful and beautiful than the destination itself. Why not make this happen TOGETHER? When we support one another, great things happen, more dreams come true and you become happier.

Have we understood the sense of interdependence and the happiness that comes with it? If you believe we have the power to spread happiness in the greatest way possible, let us join each others’ hands and join the Happening to be Happy movement!

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Let us share how we collectively everyday must spread happiness and make Life the most beautiful journey ever.

Excited to hear your voices!