“All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small” 
This is the response I receive from my Mom when I ask what I should write for my blog. Wow, I thought to myself. Strange. Yet simple . 

“We can learn to see ourselves in each other and recognise that human beings are more alike than we are unalike.” – Maya Angelou.

Have you given it your precious thought? 

OUR grandfathers regret as they’d let go of their dreams due to limited resources.

Mothers continue to handle household and other responsibilities while continuously supporting their whole family. 

Kids are confused about careers just like how husbands are while having to choose between a cricket match and wife’s favorite TV show. 

Popular people are lost too much into the paparazzi and try to find a way back into the reality.

Unfortunate children have it the most difficult to restore happiness and balance into their lives.

When you and I look closely, it’s understood  that all of us have problems to deal with. According to a survey done with various old aged people, asking what was their BIGGEST REGRET, this is what they had to confess : 

“I wish I didn’t spend so much time worrying. Instead of that, I should have looked for the solution. This way I could have saved time for myself and others.”

BANG! Isn’t this advice on point?

Why worry when we can look for happiness? Why do we put ourselves in so much stress when we are meant to have complete contentment in this world?

We must be happy and humble in exactly the way we wish for ourselves! 

At 20 years old, we often don’t do things close to heart because we’re scared what others will say
At 40 years old, we come to understand that it doesn’t matter what people think about us
At 60 years old, we finally realize that no one in this world was actually thinking about we did. 

Sounds liberating? Because it definitely is. This is one of the simplest yet greatest ways to understand life. The sooner we begin, the better it is for us and others. I’m 22 and am so proud of myself to learn this at an early stage. 

It’s time for you to start. 

Life is beautiful, make the most out of it.


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