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The Offbeat Orientation!

Just like every expert was once an amateur, I am that blogger who is now a beginner! You are reading this from different corners of the world, yet with similar lifestyles. Yes. We are all confused yet ambitious, nervous yet so firm, ordinary yet so beautiful, different yet so very same. In this world we are all influenced by power, war and emotions.

Hence, this blog is not just about me, or my family, IT IS ABOUT ALL OF US. If we are in the same boat of life, let’s make our boat beautiful and happy. 

Here’s to letting go of the negativity,

Here’s to impacting each others’ lives,

Here’s to becoming better,

Here’s to making it happen,


Have a great day and stay tuned!

(Adding a beautiful picture clicked by my Dad, just to make us feel excited to begin our journey on Happiness!) 

coonoor 059
Cunoor, Tamil Nadu, India. December, 2012.

15 thoughts on “The Offbeat Orientation!

  1. Hey Msarora, wow, this just made me feel so strong. Thank you for believing in this journey. Let us support each other and learn from each other. I just visited your blog. You write from the heart. So refreshing to read your posts. Waiting for more posts from you! Take care.

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